CasualClub - Is it Even Worth Joining? is one of those sites that has a design and appearance that makes it stand out from the rest. It is modern and professional looking. Based solely on aesthetics, it inspires trust and confidence. This is why we decided to review it to determine what sort of user experience you could expect from it.


Its style and look are unique and glamorous but that is not enough to make a dating site great. In the end, it is the results obtained by the site's members that make it great or not. Aesthetics, take a backseat to performance.


One thing that we noticed immediately about CasualClub was the way its membership base was distributed around the world. The members that come from Europe find their experience on CasualClub very satisfying as their European database is quite large. Unfortunately, that is not the case for those members on the other side of the Atlantic.


CasualClub has not been able to establish a significant foothold in the North American market. This means that even though CasualClub is a decent website with very powerful features — if you reside in the U.S. or Canada, you would probably have better results when using another dating site. Of course, their database is growing daily at a steady pace. Hopefully, in time, CasualClub will be as strong in North America as it is in Europe.


As it is now, we would strongly recommend CasualClub for European users but not for American ones. If you live anywhere in North America there are far better hookup sites that can provide you with much better results. In case you are determined to give CasualClub a try, be patient if you live outside of Europe. People from the U.S. that travel frequently to Europe sometimes use this site to line up dates for when they arrive at their destination


We have to say that with a little effort from its developers it can be one of the top dating sites in the industry. All that is required is for their American presence to be expanded. It may not be a bad idea to check in on the site regularly to see how it is progressing on that front.

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